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2023 Election

A message from Mayor Michael Razze:

"I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote in this year’s local election. I am deeply grateful for the support of our community for entrusting me with another term as Mayor. I love our community and what we have continued to build upon for our residents, families, and businesses. I will continue to serve and work toward what is best for the place we all call home.


Despite not electing our full slate of candidates to Borough Council, we will all continue to work tirelessly to do what is right and in the best interest of our town. Thank you to Jen Evans and Paul Bially for your passion and drive during this campaign. I know that you will continue to work to make Pitman a place that is truly special in South Jersey. There is no doubt that the time, energy, and effort you have already given to our community will only grow in the years to come.
Congratulations to Adam Mazzola and Rob Uyehara on your successful campaigns. As many of us know, the volunteer service that we give to the Borough through Council is often a thankless job and requires an incredible amount of time to do what is needed. Thank you both for your willingness to serve. 
Thank you to Paul Blass for his years of commitment to our community and for seeking to jump back into municipal leadership. There are many that would not be so willing after seeing firsthand the level of work and dedication required that often goes unnoticed by the residents at large.  Thank you for your resolve and for your friendship.

To our supporters and to all of our residents, I encourage you to not take your right to vote for granted. This fundamental right has been given to you through over 200 years of challenges and struggle. Exercise that right and make your voice heard regardless of where you stand on the issues. Teach your children the importance of this practice so they, too, will champion the electoral process for years to come.
Again, I look forward to serving you for the next four years. Together, we will ensure that “Everybody likes Pitman.”


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