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Hello From Paul and Sarah

Paul Bially and Sarah Musto are running for 2024 Pitman Borough Council to preserve the foundational values of our town in a moderate and respectful way.  They want to continue building Pitman’s future so it supports all of our residents not just today - but always!

Photo of Paul Bially

Paul Bially

Nearly 10 years ago I chose Pitman as my home because of the sense of community, neighborhood schools and vibrant Uptown.  I benefit every day from the generational commitment - to build a great place to live - which has been made by past and current Pitman residents. As the father of two children who attend Pitman schools today I want to make our town stronger.


Ensuring a moderate Pitman continues to thrive would be my priority as a Council representative.  I want all our residents voices to be heard.  Let’s work together to continue building Pitman’s future!

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Photo of Sarah Musto

Sarah Musto

Born and raised in Pitman, I attended Kindle Elementary and graduated from Pitman High School in 1998. I graduated from Rowan University and have been an educator for more than 20 years, currently teaching middle school mathematics.  My most important role is mom and I am proud to raise my son, Luca, in my hometown surrounded by family and life-long friends.  I love sharing the Pitman traditions of my youth with my son, especially sports and supporting our local Uptown businesses. 


I love this town and plan to serve in support of our thriving community, keeping Pitman's small-town values and traditions alive, as progress continues.  As your Councilwoman, I will be dedicated to supporting the needs of all residents and our community with heartfelt consideration and a balanced approach to change. 

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