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If you are told you cannot vote because you do not appear in the book or because you did not send in an absentee ballot, tell the poll worker you wish to vote by Provisional Ballot.

We are always looking for new faces!  Please contact us to volunteer to be a part of the 2019 campaign or if you are interested in volunteering for many of the organizations we have in our great community!

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Invite your friends and neighbors over and discuss your questions and concerns with the candidates that are working for YOU and PITMAN!



Make sure your neighbors know who you are supporting this year.  Let us know you'll allow us to place a sign in your yard in support of Michael, Chris and John!  Signs will be placed on or about October 5th to be removed Election Night November 5th.


News and Views

Overnight parking changes may be coming!

Let Mayor and Council know what you think of the possible elimination of Pitman's overnight parking ban.  

UPDATE: Due to the strong reaction from the residents of Pitman, this proposal has been put on hold by the current council leadership.  Make sure your voices are heard...reach out to Michael and John today!

NJ Governor Murphy signed a law requiring county clerks to send mail in ballots to those who have voted by mail-in ballot in the past until those voters opt out of the mail in ballot process.  This means that many who voted by mail-in ballot for the last 2-3 years should receive a mail-in ballot this year automatically.  If you have not received your mail-in ballot, please contact us immediately and we will assist you in the process.  If you do not receive your mail-in ballot this year, you may not be permitted to vote in the booth using the electronic machines.  You may be required to vote by "Provisional Ballot" or paper ballot at the polling place.


Thank you to Mayor Russ Johnson, Administrator Judy O'Donnell, Solicitor Tim Scaffidi, Vito Mannino and Bill Merryman for spending countless hours to work out a partnership to develop the

"old bank building" adjacent to Borough Hall on South Broadway.  These individuals are to be commended for finding a way to develop this historic center of our downtown business district!  We are all excited to watch the progress!

What is happening with the MOTUS sport complex coming to the area surrounding Lipari Landfill?

Rowan University continues its expansion through this public/private partnership to develop the acres that border the landfill and Alcyon Park.  Michael, Chris and John can fill you in on what is planned.  Use the contact us feature on this site to reach out to Michael, Chris and John with your questions or concerns.

UPDATE:  A meeting set-up laste year by Mayor Johnson with Rowan and MOTUS  to address questions and concerns of residents in a public forum was cancelled by representatives of those two groups.  Our door remains open to them to meet to discuss the potential impact on our community.  The Borough applied for and received a matching grant through the NJ Green Acres Program to purchase land adjacent to Alcyon Park and the residences on Howard Avenue to create a buffer.


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