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Pitman Republican Executive Committee

Passion - Experience - Leadership


Email to sign up to help with the campaign or if you would like a sign for your yard

Be sure to you are registered to VOTE!!
Use the contact feature and we will make sure you receive a registration form.
 Visit our social media sites below or reach out to us throught he "contact us" feature for the most current information available to the voters of Pitman.

Thank you for your information. We will be in touch soon!


We are always looking for new faces!  Please contact us to volunteer to be a part of the 2020 campaign or if you are interested in volunteering for many of the organizations we have in our great community!

Didn't get to attend one of our events?
Contact our candidates and set up your own event in your neighborhood!

Invite your friends and neighbors over and discuss your questions and concerns with the candidates that are working for YOU and PITMAN!



Make sure your neighbors know who you are supporting this year.  Let us know you'll allow us to place a sign in your yard in support of the candidates that will support you!  Signs will be placed in early  October and will be

removed Election Night.


News and Views



The governor has decided it is safe once again for residents of New Jersey to vote in person.  For those who are not comfortable voting in person, a vote by mail ballot is available Gloucester County Board of Elections.  Please come out and support Vince and Courtney in the primary on Tuesday, June 5th! MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD AND YOUR VOTE IS COUNTED:

We are all are counting on your support

for the future of Pitman.

As prior elections have taught us…

EVERY vote in Pitman matters!!

Thank you to the overwhelming number of voters that made their voices heard on election day 2021 and chose to keep the overnight parking restrictions in place...but the fight does not stop there!

In spite of the majority of voters asking to keep cars off the streets overnight, there is still a movement to allow parking overnight.


Make sure Mayor and Council know that the voice of the people needs to be heard andf not ignored.  Let your elected officials know where you stand. 

Mayor Razze, Council President Fitzpatrick, Councilwoman Milward and Councilman Kelly are always available to listen to your concerns. 

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