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With voting information from the State and County regarding the "Mail-In" election handed down by Governor Murphy this year changing all the time, make sure you have the most current info available.  Visit our social media sites below for the most current information available to the voters of Pitman.

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We are always looking for new faces!  Please contact us to volunteer to be a part of the 2020 campaign or if you are interested in volunteering for many of the organizations we have in our great community!

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Make sure your neighbors know who you are supporting this year.  Let us know you'll allow us to place a sign in your yard in support of Chris and Sara!  Signs will be placed on or about October 3rd to be removed Election Night November 3rd.


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The governor has decided it is not safe for everyone to vote in-person on November 3. Every voter in New Jersey will receive a ballot in the mail. Chris and Sara ask that you please follow these steps to ensure YOUR VOTE IS COUNTED:

  • Your ballot will come from the Office of the County Clerk. Your name and address, as it appears on the county voting rolls, will be used. Make sure you read and carefully follow the instructions on the vote by mail package you receive. 


  • If a ballot arrives for a person no longer at your address, cross out that name and address, and write “Return to Sender” with an arrow pointing to the County Clerk’s address. Place it back in your mailbox. It is a crime in New Jersey to use a ballot that was not intended for you.


  • Inside the envelope will be a paper ballot, an inner envelope with a Certificate attached, and a postage paid return envelope.  Mark the ballot for the candidates of your choice – we hope you will consider Wilson and Boulton locally.  The ballot will be counted by a scanning machine at the Board of Elections, so please be sure your voting mark is complete and dark. Please fill in ONLY the oval to ensure your ballot is read.  Don’t write or put any other marks on the ballot itself.


  • Place your ballot in the inner green envelope…be sure to sign the Certificate. Seal the envelope, but DO NOT DETACH THE CERTIFICATE. The certificate will be removed at the board of elections to ensure your ballot is secret.


  • Place the inner green envelope in the postage-paid yellow envelope and seal it. There are 4 ways to return your ballot envelope:

  1. Use a secure drop box…our closest box is 400 Holly Dell Drive, Sewell, NJ (behind Terra Nova). These envelopes are picked up every day by the Sheriff’s Department and delivered to the Board of Elections for counting. Deadline for using this box is 8pm on November 3.  (This is actually the preferred method according to the Board of Elections)

  2. Place the postage-paid ballot the mail. November 3 is the deadline for mailing.  If mailing close to Election Day, please ask the post office to postmark your ballot since it must be received by November 10th.

  3. Hand deliver it to the Gloucester County Board of Elections at 550 Grove Road in West Deptford 

  4. You may bring your ballot to your polling location. If you do so, you must deliver it yourself…no one can deliver it to the polling place for you.




  • Incomplete and/or detached Certificates are the main reasons a ballot is rejected. The Board of Elections will try to contact you to make needed corrections.

  • Do not give your ballot to anyone other than a person you know and trust to mail or deliver your ballot.  There are instructions for them to follow also. Candidates may not accept and deliver your ballot!

  • Check to see if your ballot has been received at the Board of Elections by visiting  or by phone: 856-384-4500


Chris and Sara are counting on your support for the future of Pitman.

As prior elections have taught us…EVERY vote in Pitman matters!!

Overnight parking changes may be coming!

Let Mayor and Council know what you think of the possible elimination of Pitman's overnight parking ban.  

UPDATE: Due to the strong reaction from the residents of Pitman, this proposal was put on hold by the current council leadership; however, the current majority continues to extend suspension of the overnight parking ordinance causing issues for our Public Works department to provide the services our residents have come to expect and rely upon.  Make sure your voices are heard...reach out to Michael and John today!